Brazil is a fantastic country. Enjoy discovering cities, sights and the best of Brazilian culture in an unforgettable trip.

The story of Blu, a domesticated macaw who returns to Brazil so he can mate with he last remaining female of the species, captured the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. The anination not only entertained audiences with a catchy plot, but aiso paid tribute to the inexhaustible charra of Rio de Janeiro. Nothing Brazilians didn’t already know.

Sao Sebastiáo do Río de Janeiro was founded on March l st, 1565. The Frénch invaded the city to establish a new colony and were extruded by the Portuguese, which created a walled city to prevent further attacks. Today, with over six million inhabitants, Rio is the second largest city in the country behind Sao Paulo.

It’s hard to pick the best of Río De Janeiro but diere is no denving that much of the carioca charra is in the sand. Two of the most famous beaches in the world are there: Copacabana, with sidewalks that simúlate the waves, and Ipanema, that left deep marks in the historv of bossa nova with Girljrom Ipanema.

But other landscapes are also breathtaking, like the Cristo Redentor. Elected one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, it represents the warmth of Brazilian people. Another must-see is the Pao de Adúcar, with an impressive view of Guanabara Bay. For anyone who loves green, the Botanic Garden is the best option that gathers over 6.000 tropical species.

The city center is one of a kind. Don’t miss the Teatro Municipal. Restored to its original versión, the theater is quite a spectacle.

Once in Rio De Janeiro, you must party. The best place is Lapa, a borough known as bohemian eradle. Try Circo Voador, Fundigáo Progresso and Rio Scenarium, but feel free to experiment.

When hungry, search for informal places, such as Bracarense, Chico e Alaíde and Bar Lagoa. For pizza, Brás. For Ltalian food, Artigiano. But if money isn’t a problem, try the Portuguese Antiquarius or the French-Brazilian Olympe.

For shopping, in García D’Avila Street you’ll lind faney stores, such as H.Stern (jewelry) and Lenny (bikinis). For antiques and handicrafts, Feria Rio Antiguo and Feria Sao Cristóvao. Oh! And don’t leave Río without a pair of Flavaianas flip-flops.

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